20 Profitable Small Business Ideas In USA

With the Trump’s election as the president of the World’s most advanced country, USA, it seems again the country’s economy is unstoppable especially if one looks at the business matters. Being a businessman or entrepreneur himself, Trump is in all favor of boosting the growth of the country and in any economy, the major force in the small entities which come together to enhance the growth of the nation as a whole.

The GDP is estimated to be around 2.8% in this financial year and in next two years also it is going to be in the range of 2%-2.5%, which is a really good figure. The unemployment rate is expected to reduce to 3.5% in the consecutive years as well. All this signifies a good development in the small-scale industries and there are few small business ideas which have a great opportunity to boom in the country at current scenario and in the upcoming years as well.

Business Consultancy:

A business consultant on an average makes around $65000 in a year. So, if you have the prerequisite of a business consultant which include excellent market research abilities, business planning tactics, financial knowledge, you are all set to go, but before starting your own consultancy, it is better to be experienced in the field. You can start your own business online as well, choose your own clients and fix charges according to the need of the client and type of services provided.

Gadgets Repairing Services:

Gadgets are very important in the USA’s households, take any house and you will find at least 10 gadgets whether it is computer, television, play station or other. So, these are electronic goods which are bound to get damaged and require repairment. You can start providing repairing services for these gadgets by yourself or you can have a team of professionals who have expert knowledge of every gadget.

Online Editorial Services:

Editorial services are very crucial to any media company, but sometimes because of time shortage, extraordinary charges of the editors, media companies outsource editorial services to different organization those are well versed with the editing work. If you have previous experience and knowledge of editorial work, you can start this business on your own.

You just need a computer and internet connection to start with and a few good clients. There are lots of blogging sites, for which you can start providing editorial services since blogging is the in thing now, beside this you can also contact the media and new agency to serve them.

Event Management:

Events are part and parcel of the corporate world as well as public events are there and private events are the best because of the money involved. Be it a sports event or a fashion, if you have prior experience of managing event, you can start even management business with the very little amount of capital. But here you need connections, that you have to make sure you have to start this business be it few clients at the beginning.

Financial Planning Services:

Wall Street – the biggest financial market as well as the fastest financial market in the world at the current time and from time unknown as well as in the USA, which needs no other introduction.

So, in the USA a financial planner makes around $58000 per year on an average, provided you have the required financial skills, knowledge, this business is a lucrative one and also you can start this without any such investment. All you need is the right skill and knowledge and experience. With further growth, you can also increase your employee strength providing another financial professional opportunity.

Travel Guide:

There are solo travelers, group travelers, travelers for leisure, traveler for work and lots of other types of travelers in the USA and in this country people are always in the search for unknown. To encash this scenario, you can start your own travel company which can provide services like traveling consultancy that is known about the place where the client wants to go, ticketing services, permits and organizing the whole tour as well.

Import and Export Business:

USA is one of the biggest importer and export in the world whose 8% of GDP comes from export. From crude oil to wheat, it exports everything. If you have enough knowledge of the export-import market, you can get into this business with less amount of capital as well, where you can start with small amount of goods. Few products which are much in demand in foreign countries from the USA are spare parts of vehicles, gadgets parts, computers etc.

Personal Trainer:

Fitness is very important for the USA citizens; people are concerned about their health and thus always want to keep fit. So, if you have experience in training people for fitness, this business is right for you. You can have your own set of clients to whom you can provide personal training session against hourly or monthly charges.

Real Estate Management:

People in the USA are always on the lookout for best properties to invest, or use for residential purposes. The real estate market is very active in the USA. People ask for experienced, sincere and reliable agents in this market which is tough to get. If you have knowledge of the real estate market, you can start providing real estate consulting services.

Online Used Book Store:

There are hundreds of books which get published in a week or in a month, buying every new book might not be that pocket friendly option for most of the bookworms, but if you provide an online space where the readers can buy/rent used book, exchange book, it can turn out to be one of the most innovative and enriching business ideas.

Roadside Automobile Repair:

Accidents don’t occur informing you, so a roadside repair or maintenance center for the automobiles can be a great business idea to make money and provide emergency services.

Security Services:

Security, as you all know, is a crucial thing of the USA household, official spaces etc. Security services can be started with few well-trained guards, if you have them already, you can start the business with a virtual office space as well. You need to make investment mainly in the training and the equipment of the guards.

Moving and Loading Services:

People are moving for work and leisure in the USA all the time, whether the outsiders or the citizens. All require packers and movers services and thus this business is always in demand in this country. To start with, you need a truck, van for carrying the items, a reliable driver, permit for intercity transport, license etc.

Website Development Services:

Most of the website development companies are now based in South Asian countries as a business from the USA, the UK outsource their work due to the low cost in this part of the world. But there are many companies who need complete privacy, native language knowledge for their websites. If you have required skills and knowledge, web development is a business which has one of the brightest future.

Day Care/Crèche Service:

Working moms find it difficult to leave their little child at home while going for work. But if a reliable person with knowledge of babysitting provides crèche facility, these moms will feel safe to leave their child with him or her, right? So, if you have the prerequisite, you can start your crèche and start earning love and respect besides earning money as well. You would need a home, food for the kids, playing facilities for the kids, etc. to start with.

Online Medical Store:

Since medicines can be needed at any point in time, the online medical store is a great business and social idea to benefit from. In the time of need and normally as well, one can place orders easily with online apps of yours to buy medicine from you. For this, you would need pharmacist’s license, a store to keep the medicines, pharmacists, and online app to start off.

Pet Business:

USA people are fond of pets, they keep pets more than their children, so, for the health of their pet is also highly important. Everyone who wants to work and build a business in the healthcare pace might also focus on providing pet services online. Not this business will be a unique one but also a noble one as well.

Online Tax Consultancy:

Tax consultancy is always in need by the business, professional, whether they are in IT or medicines or even in Finance profession. Tax consultants can earn almost $70000 in a year and provided it is your own firm, this number can multiply according to your own zest. All you would require is a license for the work, certification, and clients.

Pet Sitting Service:

Not only the babies require care when the parents are not there but also the pets. In the USA, as mentioned above as well, pets are close to the owner’s heart, they take them as family and thus, pet sitting is a new service which is gaining equal importance in the cities. All you need to start this business is to love and care for the pets.

Cleaning Services:

Cleaning service is very important in the USA, the per hour cost of Cleaning service is around $50-$100 and for a 1000 square feet area the average price is around $100, so if you have a good team of people who have the knowledge of cleaning services, equipment, you can start off with this business and serve your locality at the beginning. If you are going online, you can get orders from the other parts of the city as well; this will help you increase your business.


1. What are some popular small business ideas in the USA?

1. Starting a small business in the USA can be a very rewarding experience. There are many different types of businesses that you can start, and the possibilities are endless.

2. One popular small business idea is starting your own restaurant. This can be a great way to get started in the food industry, and it can be a lot of fun to run your own business.

3. Another popular small business idea is starting a retail store. This can be a great way to get started in the retail industry, and it can be a lot of fun to run your own business.

4. If you have a passion for art, you may want to consider starting your own art gallery. This can be a great way to get started in the art world, and it can be a lot of fun to run your own business.

5. If you love to work with children, you may want to consider starting your own daycare. This can be a great way to get started in the childcare industry, and it can be a lot of fun to run your own business.

2. What are some unique small business ideas in the USA?

1. A mobile petting zoo that brings farm animals to urban areas for children to interact with.

2. A home-based business that provides personalized, hand-painted pottery.

3. A wellness center that offers yoga and meditation classes, as well as health and wellness services.

4. A business that provides expert advice on mastering social media marketing.

5. A luxury concierge service that helps busy professionals with their personal and professional errands.

3. What are some common challenges faced by small businesses in the USA?

There are many challenges faced by small businesses in the United States. Some of the most common include:
1. Access to capital – Small businesses often have difficulty accessing the capital they need to start or grow their businesses. This can be a result of limited collateral, poor credit history, or a lack of experience.
2. Competition – Small businesses must compete with larger businesses that often have more resources and economies of scale.
3. Regulations – Small businesses are often subject to more regulations than larger businesses. This can make it difficult to comply with all the rules and regulations, and can also increase costs.
4. Hiring and retention – Small businesses often have difficulty hiring and retaining employees. This can be due to a lack of benefits, low wages, or a lack of job security.

4. What are some tips for starting a small business in the USA?

There are many tips for starting a small business in the USA, but some of the most important include:
1. Find a need and fill it: One of the best ways to ensure success as a small business is to identify a niche in the market that is not being adequately served and fill it.
2. Plan your business carefully: A well-thought-out business plan is essential for any small business, as it will help you to map out your goals and objectives, as well as your strategies for achieving them.
3. Get the right licenses and permits: Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to obtain certain licenses and permits before you can legally operate.
4. Get funding: Unless you have the personal savings to finance your small business, you will likely need to seek out funding from external sources.
5. Hire the right employees: One of the keys to success as a small business is to surround yourself with a team of talented and dedicated employees.

5. What are some common mistakes made by small businesses in the USA?

There are many common mistakes made by small businesses in the USA. Some of the most common include:
1. Not having a clear and defined business model or strategy.
2. Not having a clear understanding of their target market or audience.
3. Not having a strong online presence.
4. Not investing enough in marketing and advertising.
5. Not having a clear sales strategy or plan.
6. Not having a system in place to track and measure progress and success

6. What are some common pitfalls faced by small businesses in the USA?

There are many common pitfalls faced by small businesses in the USA. Some of the most common include:
1. Not having a clear business plan: A business plan is essential for any business, big or small. It gives you a roadmap to follow and helps to keep you on track. Without a clear business plan, it can be easy to get off course and lose sight of your goals.
2. Not enough capital: Another common pitfall for small businesses is not having enough startup capital. It takes money to start and grow a business, and if you don’t have enough, it can be difficult to get off the ground.
3. Not understanding your customers: It’s important to understand who your target market is and what they want. If you don’t know your customers, it will be difficult to sell them your product or service.
4. Not promoting your business: Once you have a business, you need to let people know about it! Marketing and promotion are essential for any business, but they are often overlooked by small businesses.
5. Not having a good team: A strong team is essential for any business. If you don’t have a good team in place, it

7. What are some keys to success for small businesses in the USA?

As success depends on a variety of factors. However, some keys to success for small businesses in the USA include having a well-defined business plan, a clear understanding of the target market, and a strong marketing strategy. Additionally, it is important to have a dedicated and passionate team, and to always be prepared to adapt and change as needed.

8. What are some common challenges faced by small businesses in the USA?

Some common challenges faced by small businesses in the USA are:
1. Access to capital – Many small businesses struggle to get the financing they need to start up or grow. This can be a challenge because they may not have the collateral or credit history that banks and other lenders look for.
2. Government regulations – There are many regulations that businesses have to comply with, which can be a challenge for small businesses that may not have the resources to hire compliance officers or attorneys.
3. Competition from larger businesses – Small businesses often have to compete with larger businesses that have more resources, such as marketing budgets and economies of scale.
4. Hiring and retaining employees – Small businesses may have difficulty hiring and retaining employees, as they may not be able to offer the same salary and benefits as larger businesses.
5. Cash flow – Small businesses may have difficulty managing their cash flow, as they may not have the same access to lines of credit or other forms of financing as larger businesses.

9. What are some common mistakes made by small businesses in the USA?

There are many common mistakes made by small businesses in the USA. Some of the most common include not having a clear business plan, not having a niche market, not having a website, and not having a social media presence.

10. What are some common pitfalls faced by small businesses in the USA?

1. Lack of capital.
2. Lack of business plan.
3. Lack of marketing plan.
4. Lack of management experience.
5. Lack of customer base.
6. Lack of product differentiation.
7. Lack of online presence.

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