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Navigating the tax laws as an individual or investor in the UK is possible. However, the process is complex and time-consuming. In addition, tax laws change constantly, and failing to comply with any regulation can lead to hefty penalties such as 30% of the extra tax, among others depending on the error. Such a firm has qualified professionals who can help you with insights. Here are some of the tax advisory services you can get from the experts. 

Tax Planning

This refers to a systematic approach to minimizing your tax liability as an individual or investor. Having experienced people and companies like Allen & Atherton – Tax Advisors can readily offer this service by identifying tax-saving opportunities and recommending efficient structures to help you minimise your tax burden. These professionals also advise you on the latest tax legislation and compliance. In addition, they will help you understand your tax obligations and file accurate tax returns on time to prevent payment of fines like 20% to 70%  due to deliberate errors. 

Staff quote:“We are always to walk you through the tax laws and advise you accordingly so that you minimize tax liability. Our expertise in tax planning will reduce your tax bill while remaining compliant.”

Tax Advise For Transactions

As an investor, you will get tax advice for transactions from these qualified tax advisors. They will identify how your transactions affect your tax and the potential to save. If there is any risk, the advisor will inform you and walk you through mitigating the risks. They can also represent you to negotiate with tax authorities during tax assessments and settlements because they better understand the tax laws. 

Staff quote: “We provide actionabletax advice for transactions that will help you navigate the tax system and make informed decisions.We strive to help you make the most of your investments while minimizing the impact of taxes.”

International Tax Planning

Suppose you are operating across multiple countries as an individual or a business. In that case, the tax advisors will help you with international tax planning. These professionals do so by walking you through the cross-border tax laws, which are complex. They also structure your operation most efficiently to prevent double taxation when you are taxed in both countries. In addition, the tax advisors help you to determine the proper pricing to prevent overpaying in cross-border transactions. 

Staff quote:“International tax laws are more complex, and you can lose through double taxation or border overpayment. Our expertise will prevent that by giving you the appropriate international tax planning advice.”

Inheritance Tax Planning

These professionals help you with Inheritance Tax (IHT) by assessing the value of your estate and identifying any inheritance tax liabilities. In case of potential liabilities, the tax advisors can recommend how to minimize the liabilities through setting up trusts, making gifts, or transferring the assets to your loved ones. They can also help you prepare a will or advice you to take a life insurance policy to cover any liabilities. Advising on annual gift exemption is also an option that can help you minimise IHT liabilities. 

Staff quote:“Contact us for inheritance tax planning tailored to your needs. Engaging us gives you ethical and transparent tax advice to help lower IHT liabilities.”

Tax Dispute Resolution

The tax advisors help resolve disputes by offering expert guidance on tax laws and negotiating with the tax authorities on your behalf. Thanks to their vast experience, they can table evidence and present arguments to support your position in the dispute. Hiring one is your better chance of winning such disputes. 

Staff quote:“Our expertise in navigating tax disputes will help you achieve a favorable outcome in the event of a tax dispute.”

You can file your tax returns and navigate the UK tax laws. However, the constant changes in legislation make it challenging to do it right. And with hefty fines of as much as 30% to 100% of the extra tax due on any deliberate and concealed tax error, you need professionals like Allen & Atherton – Tax Advisors. These experts are from one of the top-rated UK tax advisory firms with five offices worldwide, each boasting over 200 qualified employees ready to advise you on legally minimizing tax liabilities.

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