Most Profitable Products To Import From China To India

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India imports many products from China. When you think about the business, you should not focus on which product is imported from China to India but which product can be sold with more profits. Another point to consider is how easily you can sell those products. If you plan to run a big business, you must see what product can be easily bought and sold.

Here are the Ten most profitable products categories to Import from China to India:

1. Electronic Products Including Mobile Phones 

One of the most imported products that come from China to India is electronic products. We can say that the majority of the Indian electronic market is converting into a Chinese electronic market. The demand for Chinese electronic products is increasing every day. The variety of these electronic products are quite vivid. If you see anything new and fancy electronic products, they are mostly from China. You can import such products and sell them after analyzing the market. You can import these products at a cheap rate and sell the same at the price prevailing in the market. Selling these products gives a good profit margin. 

Another electronic item you can consider is a mobile phone. The demand for Mobile phones has been increasing for a few years. Today, almost everyone has at least one mobile phone with them. It is due to the cheap rates of mobile phones. China manufactures Mobile phones at a lower rate. Not just lower-priced, but standard mobile phones manufactured in China get exported to India. So, you can consider starting the mobile phone business in India as the demand for them is never-ending. The market for mobile phones in India is quite high. A decent sum in terms of profits can be earned by selling them.

2. Fancy Decorative Items 

Every homemaker is fond of buying decorative items. There is no limit to this. Fancy decorative items are of a wide range. The products like toys, dolls, showpieces, teddy bears, house decorations, wall arts, and more are always in demand. Any seller who is into this business can earn attractive profits. House decorations items can be imported at a lower price in bulk and sell them according to the market rates in India.

The bigger advantage of selling these fancy decorative products is that there is a huge profit margin in them. Some of the products look so attractive that customers tend to buy them. The cheaper toys are comparatively higher in demand than standard ones. The toys that are electronically enabled are always in greater demand. Based on the customer’s demand, you can choose the products you want to import from China. You can earn large profits by selling those fancy decorative products.

3. Daily Usage Common Products

Can you believe the most of the products we use from morning to night are made and imported from China? These products may include a toothbrush, table cover, sofa cover, yoga mat, plastic covers, tempered glass, mobile covers, cosmetics, etc. The list is quite long. If you research a bit, you will understand what kind of product you must import from China and sell them for a profit.

The above-mentioned products are those we need daily. People prefer to buy these products because they are cheap and also serve their purposes. The sale of these products depends on the market and trend. Yoga mats are great in demand because every day people are joining yoga classes to keep fit. Likewise, the sale of mobile phone covers is rising as there is an increase in the sale of mobile phones. Products like these are tremendously in demand. If you look at every household, you can find such products. Selling these products can also give high returns as you can import these products from China at cheaper rates.

4. Replica (Lookalike Original Products)

If you visit some of the markets in India like Delhi, Mumbai, you can find products that are a replica of original products. When you look at them at first, you can hardly tell the difference between the original product and the replica. There is a greater demand for replicas of original products in India. Replica of branded clothes, mobile phones, branded bags, electronic items, fashion items, etc. Some of the top cities in India have a famous market for these replicas. 

People who are fashionable but can’t afford the original product can buy these replicas. Many people prefer buying replica products from brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and more. It is because of the price difference between the replicas and original products. Similarly, people who can’t afford to buy standard smartphones tend to buy replica phones of iPhone. These phones look exactly like original ones and have similar inner displays to the original iPhone. You can explore the market and choose the products you want to import from China. There is a never-ending market for these products and can get good returns to the sellers.

5. Solar Panels

Solar panel usage is rising in India in recent years. The solar panel is a good source of conventional energy. The best thing about these panels is, it is also a non-polluting energy source. Many households have installed solar panels. Many companies have also installed solar panels on the rooftop of their building to generate electricity.

The best part of this solar panel is that they provide pollution-free electricity. It also eliminates the problem of power cuts. The majority of the government buildings are installing solar panels. Overall, the demand for solar panels in India has been going higher for a few years. Solar panels are also developed in India. Due to the rise in demand, importing from China is the best choice. The demand to import solar panels from China is huge. You can utilize this opportunity and import solar panels from China at cheaper rates. It can yield high profits. 

6. Pet Supplies 

Pet supply is a category that can be potentially profitable. The Pet niche is growing in popularity in recent years. The market size is also increasing. Many people are ready for high prices for pet toys and pet products. If you import these pet products from China, you can make huge profits. 

Pet lovers are all in for their pets. They pamper them and are ready to spend their money on every product they need for their pets. Pets are not only restricted to just dogs and cats. The pet care business is a multi-billion-dollar business today and can go higher in the coming days. There are various Products like pet safety, pet clothes, pet entertainment, pet food, and more. Importing these pet supplies can be cheaper and rewarding.

7. Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen supplies are another category of products to consider importing from China to India. It may sound unbelievable, but if you go through kitchen gadgets, you will know most of the products are made and imported from China. People love these unique kitchen gadgets. When we say kitchen supplies, we are not talking about generic products like plates and spoons. Most selling kitchen accessories like cutters, Non-electric dough makers, burn protectors, and so on. Products like these from China are popular.

You can import these products from China in bulk at a super low price. Even if you sell them with a decent margin and still can earn high profits.  

8. Import Travel Products

The number of people traveling has doubled after the start of Instagram. People go more outdoors and travel to different places. The number of people who will travel is expected to increase in the coming years. People are looking to travel to different parts of the world. It is another category of product where people don’t mind paying high prices to get the best quality products.

The most popular outdoor and travel products like camping tents, large flashlights, powered batteries, cooking gear, can be imported from China to India. These products are high in demand and can be imported at a cheaper rate.

 As the demand for these products is never-ending, considering this niche can get you decent profits even if you sell them according to the market prices. Import these products in bulk from China. You can sell them with high margins.

9. Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical products are another category to consider to import from China to India. 

The least risk should be taken in this industry. To meet the demand in the pharmaceutical industry, China exports its pharmaceutical products to other countries. China has a better offer for exports of pharmaceutical products.

They make cheaper pharmaceutical products than similar products from other countries. China not only makes drugs at lower prices, but they are also making drugs of good quality. It is the best opportunity to dive into the business and import their pharmaceutical products and sell them with a good margin in India.

Before considering this niche, the trader must be aware of all the norms and regulations related to the import of pharmaceutical products. 

10. Vehicles 

The automotive market is constantly rising. China is one of the main exporters of these vehicles. You can also consider importing different parts of the vehicle from China. The entire industry has the potential to earn high profits and to increase profits fast.

The demand for vehicles like motorcycles is going higher every day. These products can be imported from China to India. If you are experienced, then importing this vehicle is a better opportunity to earn high profits. 

China exports vehicles that are highly efficient. These vehicles are also easy to maintain. You can import these vehicles from China at a comparatively cheaper rate and sell them with a good margin.

These are the profitable products to import from China to India.

The next thing you need to do is a feasibility test for products that are highly imported from China. The feasibility test will help you know what products must be imported from China and how much profit you can make selling those products in India. To be a successful importer, you must choose the right products and work with the right supplier.

If you are an experienced importer and exporter, you can import products like cars, car accessories, pharmaceuticals, etc. You will require sufficient capital to import such products. You just don’t choose your niche of business based on the products that are available at the best prices in the Chinese markets.

You should also keep in mind the trends in the Indian markets and the buying behavior of Indian consumers. By knowing the right product to sell in the right market, you can also gain more than what you can gain from a product that has a high-profit margin, but someone places it in the wrong markets. Also, how much are you willing to invest to set up the business decides the kind of product you should invest in to import from China.

There is quite some stuff that needs to be taken care of while deciding on the products to import from China and sell in the Indian markets. Make sure that you do not overlook any point in your hurry to set up the business. Take time and set the process of import right to draw long-term profits from the business.  


1. What types of products are most profitable to import from China to India?

Popular products imported from China to India include electronics, apparel, automotive components, and industrial machinery.

2. How much money is required to import products from China to India?

The cost of importing products from China to India depends on the type of products, the quantity, and the shipping method. Generally, you would need to pay an import duty, shipping costs, and local taxes.

3. What documents are required to import products from China to India?

To import products from China to India, you will need to produce a Certificate of Origin, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, and any other relevant documents as well as ensure that you have complied with the Indian import regulations.

4. Is it legal to import products from China to India?

Yes, it is legal to import products from China to India. However, you may need to take adherence to the laws for the importation of goods and the rules and regulations of the Government of India.

5. Can I import products from China to India without a license?

No. It is mandatory to obtain an import license from the Director General of Foreign Trade before importing products from China to India.

6. What are the taxes applicable on imported products from China?

The applicable taxes on imported products from China depend on the type of product and the quantity. These taxes may include customs duty, excise duty, and import duty.

7. What is the most cost-effective way of transporting products from China to India?

The most cost-effective way of transporting products from China to India is by sea freight. It is the most economical option, as it allows for large volumes of goods to be sent at once.

8. How long does it take for products to arrive from China to India?

The time it takes for products to arrive from China to India depends on the shipping method and distance traveled. Generally, it takes from 15 to 30 days for products to arrive from China to India.

9. How do I ensure quality of goods imported from China to India?

To ensure quality, it is important to source products from reliable suppliers and review product samples before purchasing. As per the law, importers must register for quality control inspections and obtain a valid quality control license.

10. Are there additional costs or fees associated with importing goods from China to India?

Yes, there may be additional costs or fees associated with importing goods from China to India, such as shipping costs, customs duties, labeling, packaging, and freight forwarders.

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