Most Profitable Products To Import From China To India

best products to import

China Exports many of its products to India. There are few countable products that mostly imported by India from China. But when thinking about business you should not be concerned about which product is most imported to India from China but which product can be sold most at a good profit. The other important point is how easily a product can be sold. If you are not a big business then you must think about products that can easily be bought and sold. Here are five most profitable products that can be imported from China to India.

Electronic Products Including Mobile Phones

Electronic products are one of the most imported products from China to India. A good majority of India electronic market is being covered by Chinese electronic products and their demand is not reducing also. These electronic products are not in small varieties but are actually quite vivid. Anything in electronics that you see as new and fancy is mostly exported from China. You as an importer and seller can import such goods by analyzing the market. These electronics are purchased or imported at very cheap rate and can be sold at any rate that fits the market. This gives a huge profit margin to the seller.

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Another electronic item is mobile phone. There is a huge rise in mobile phone since last few years. Now everyone in India has at least one mobile phone. The major reason behind this is very cheap mobile phones that are manufactured in China. Not only cheap but standard Chinese phones are also sold at good prices in India. You can do pretty well in mobile selling as there is no end to mobile phone selling in India. The mobile phone market in India is quite huge and given the demand in the market, a decent success is guaranteed.

Fancy Decorative Items

Home makers are always fond of buying such fancy decorative and there is certainly no limit to this. The market always remains intact for sellers who are into this business. Fancy decorative items can have vivid range. This can include toys, fancy dolls, plastic cartoon characters, show piece, teddy bear, house decorative, hanging wall arts, wind chine, electronic colorful bulbs, etc. These items are nearly purchased by everyone and their demand in India is quite huge. House decorative from seller perspective can be imported at quite cheaper price in India in bulk amount. Later on depending on the market rate one can sell these product.

The bigger advantage here is that there is huge profit margin involved in selling these fancy decorative items. Some of these products are so attractive that people tend to buy it. Especially toys are in huge demand given they are relatively cheap in comparison to standard toys and also they are electronically abled. Electronic toy cars have been in huge demand. Similarly, wind chine has remained in huge demand quite sometimes earlier. Based on consumer demand you can import them and can earn great returns.

Daily Usage Common Products

It may sound unbelievable but majority of products that we use from morning till night is made in China. This can include even your tooth brush. Yoga mat, plastic covers, sofa cover, table cover, mobile cover, tampered glass, blanket, small furniture items, toothbrush, cosmetic products, batteries, stationary items, medical accessories, office purpose small useful items, machine parts, car parts, etc. The list is quite huge and if you give some time in understanding the demand and what is mostly imported to India you will get an idea of what you must include in this list.

These items mentioned above are of daily need and people prefer them as they are not only cheap but they also serve their purpose very well. The product sale also depends on market and trends. Yoga mat selling is in trend these days as everyday some new people are joining yoga sessions. Similarly, sale of mobile phone cover is on rise as there is rise in mobile phone selling. These products may not be specific but have tremendous selling power. And if you give a brief look you will find such items in every house hold. These products also give great return margin as they very cheaply exported to India.

Replica of Brand Items (Lookalike Legal Products)

Though this may sound strange but if you go around some famous markets of India like Delhi, Mumbai or their likes, you will definitely find exact replica of original products. What makes it more interesting is that there is hardly any difference between the original and replica product when you will see at first look. Replicas in India of original products are in huge demand. Replicas for mobile phones, branded fabric clothing like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, or mobile phone replicas especially phones that have same look as that of iPhone, replica of branded bags, electronic items, apparels, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion items, etc. The market of these replicas can be found in famous markets of some top cities though the market can be found everywhere.

People who are quite fashion loving but who can’t afford to get original items often tend to buy such replicas. Like many people go for duplicate adidas accessories and apparels rather than buying original product as the cost difference is huge. Similarly, people who can’t afford standard smartphones like Apple iPhone or Samsung often go for replica phones of Apple iPhone. These mobile phones may either have exact similar looks like that of iPhone or they may have inner display look like that of IOS. You may explore the market and go for it because there’s never an end to this market.

Solar Panels

There’s rising demand in solar panel usage in India. Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has emphasized on the usage of solar panel as a good source of conventional and non-polluting energy source. Many people on individual basis have installed solar panels. In terms of public sector, many companies have also used solar panels on their rooftops to generate electricity.

This method not only provides pollution free power but also reduces the common power of regular power cuts. Nearly all major institutions and government building are installing solar panels including solar street lights. Overall, the demand for solar panel in India is huge. India is also developing solar panels but due to exceeding demand import from China would be the best option for you. Not only it is cheap bit it also gives great marginal profits. The demand and export from China of these solar panels was so huge that India had to put a curb on imports. The business is a huge success in times to come. You can utilize this opportunity to import solar panels.

What becomes interesting now is to conduct a feasibility test on the major imported products from China and their future prospects in India. The Feasibility test will give you a better option on which product you must import from China and how much profit you can make. If you are old in this business and have great capital with you then you can also import some items like car, car accessories, steal, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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