Tips for Your Car Cleaning Company to Improve Bottom Line

tips for car cleaning company

You already know it takes a lot of care to protect your vehicle from harmful effects such as flying gravel, debris, salt, birds, etc. However, these are the external threats, while you shouldn’t forget about the interior as well. We are talking about the looks, but the comfort likewise.

We all like the feeling of warm sand beneath our feet, but who likes sand in their vehicles? That is right – no one. Yet, it somehow gets unbelievably easy for sand to creep into the interior of our cars, and to stay there for A WHILE.

On the other hand, no matter of the season, the sun causes multiple damages for your vehicle, going from your car’s finish to engine and interior. Intense heat creates fiery works of art on the upholstery, leaving marks and spills all over the seats. Just imagine sitting on scorching leather seats after a hard day at work – living hell!

Today we are talking about ways on how to run your car cleaning company more smoothly by shielding your car’s interior from sand and sun that will prevent your car from losing their original vibrancy. Yes, that is right – you can get maximum comfort, longevity, and maintain the inside of our vehicles as spectacular as you do with the outside.

Protecting the Interior

Here are some of the proven ways that will keep your car clean from sand and protect it from damaging sun rays.

Windshield Protector

It is a hot summer day. You are opening the door of your vehicle, while stupefying air from the inside takes all over you. As you are in a hurry, you have to sit in and wait for the air conditioner to cool things down. Forget about this scenario with the help of windshield sun shades.

Some people believe windshield sun protectors are complicated to use. Such a fallacy! Windshield sun protectors are actually easy to install. All you have to do is to unfold a windshield protector and slide it into place. On the other hand, these visors are a great way to prevent sun damage and keep your car cool.

Windshields prevent sunlight from getting through the glass and ensure ultimate protection. You can choose universal small, medium, and large size of the windshield, depending on your needs.

Dash and Deck Covers

We guess you already know heat is only one of the byproducts of direct exposure of your vehicle to the sunlight. What is more, it doesn’t matter that much if the temperature is so high, as even milder exposure of your vehicle’s dashboard and rear decks can cause damage. These are the most exposed areas in your car and require special attention.

One of the best ways to protect your car’s interior is to use rear deck covers. One of the most overlooked areas in your car is horizontal shelf between the edge of the rear seat and the rear window. If you don’t protect this area, sun rays will cause severe damage with time.

Dash cover protects your car from sunrays, while it reduces glare at the same time, which is a critical point when driving in strong sunlight. Dark-colored dash tops absorb the light a lot more than the light-colored ones, which is an additional reason to protect it with a dash cover. This is not the end of benefits dash cover provides, as it also provides more pleasant interior temperature.

Another thing you can do is to wipe dash with a microfiber cloth. In case sand cracks in the inside of your vehicle, it will cause scratches. Microfiber cloth can do miracles for sand and dirt, as it removes all particles thoroughly.

In order to give the dash a nice, final touch, use a low-gloss detailing product. This will reduce glare and protect the dash at the same time.

Seat Covers

Seat covers are a proven method to keep your seats cool, especially if the interior of your car’s interior is full leather.

Use a Conditioner

Sun and sand may cause severe cracks on the interior. Leather conditioner is a great way to prevent any tears and keep the seats clean.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Sand steal in floor mats so easily. It is way more damaging to rain and snow. If you go to the beach frequently, it is highly likely that at least a couple of particles of sand would creep in. However, it doesn’t have to be beach sand, as you can bring in some gravel from the loan as well.

If you are looking for an effective solution in protecting carpeting, then you should definitely go for all-weather style mats. No dirt, water, dust, or sand would even get the chance to damage your floor mats.

Park in the Shade

Last but not least, and probably the easiest form of protecting your car’s interior is to park in the shade. Logically, avoiding direct sunlight will prevent cracking and drying of the dash. Additionally, you can open the windows a crack, which will equalize the air pressure and lower down the temperature inside the car.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Upholstery Clean

We know this is already a stereotype, but there are no right words that would stress the importance of a proper clean inside your car. When sand, dirt, and dust creep into the edges or into the fabric of your upholstery, it takes a while to get them out. That is exactly why you need the best car brush that will remove stains and throw out the tiniest particles.

A car brush will easily reach the inaccessible parts of your interior. It is handy, compact, and doesn’t take space in your trunk. If you are wondering where to find the best car brush, AutoWise made the 2019 list of the best products on the market.


Regularly cleaning your car and providing it with solid protection in form of a windshield sun protector, as well as deck and dash rear protectors, will help you shield your car’s interior. This way, you will maintain the youthful glow of your vehicle both inside and out.


1. What steps can a car cleaning company take to improve their bottom line?

A car cleaning company can improve their bottom line by increasing their customer base, providing a variety of services, implementing sales and marketing strategies, and focusing on customer retention.

2. What types of services can car cleaning companies offer to improve profitability?

Car cleaning companies can offer services such as interior and exterior detailing, waxing, polishing, window cleaning, leather treatments, and engine cleaning.

3. How can car cleaning companies use advertising to improve their bottom line?

Car cleaning companies can use advertising to build brand awareness, promote sales, and attract new customers. They can use a combination of print, digital, and social media advertising to reach potential customers.

4. What strategies do car cleaning companies use to maximize customer retention?

Car cleaning companies can maximize customer retention by providing personalized customer service, offering loyalty programs, and using customer feedback to improve their services.

5. How can car cleaning companies increase their customer base?

Car cleaning companies can increase their customer base by leveraging referrals, offering discounts, and partnering with other businesses.

6. How can car cleaning businesses optimize pricing to increase their bottom line?

Car cleaning businesses can optimize pricing to increase their bottom line by assessing the value of their services, understanding their market, and pricing competitively.

7. What impact does location have on a car cleaning company’s bottom line?

Location can have a major impact on a car cleaning company’s bottom line. It is important to select an ideal location that allows for easy customer access and visibility.

8. How can car cleaning businesses use technology to improve their bottom line?

Car cleaning businesses can use technology to improve their bottom line by streamlining operations, reducing costs, and using customer data to optimize services.

9. How can improved customer service benefit a car cleaning business?

Improved customer service can benefit a car cleaning business by increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, improving customer retention, and increasing word-of-mouth referrals.

10. How does environmental sustainability help a car cleaning business’s bottom line?

Environmental sustainability can help a car cleaning business’s bottom line by reducing costs associated with disposal, attracting environmentally conscious customers, and creating a positive brand image.

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